About our Lashistas

Our Lashistas are trained and certified by Xtreme Lashes, the #1 Highest Quality lash company available. Our Stylists will conduct a thorough consultation with you to customize the look and make recommendations based on what is best for your natural lashes as well. We pride ourselves on maintaining the integrity and strength of the natural lash as well as providing an excellent service. Once you have your lashes applied, she will walk you through how to care and maintain your beautiful new look at home. The better they are cared for and maintained, the longer they will last. Click to learn more about Xtreme Lashes.

Lash extensions are great for anyone

  • Safe and gentle for natural lashes

  • Latest trend around the world

  • Cuts makeup routine time in half

  • Make tired eyes look bigger and brighter

  • Look and feel younger

  • Last 2-3 weeks between fills based on individual person and maintenance routine

LASH extensions

Lash Extensions

Lash Full Set • $250
3-Week Fill • $65
2-Week Fill • $55
Lash Extension Removal • $45